Libro Paesaggi delle Venezie


Landscapes of the 'Venezie'
History and Economy

The first volume of the research project
"History of the 'Venezie'" (in Italian)

The volume "Landscapes of the ‘Venezie’. History and Economy" (Venice, Marsilio, 2016) collects in 770 pages the research of 60 scholars - historians, art historians, literary historians, geographers, archaeologists, economists, urbanists and sociologists - recruited and co-ordinated by Vicenza's Research Institute for Social and Religious History.

By exploring the landscapes of the ‘Venezie’, with a perspective which crosses the millennia, we can capture an extraordinary variety of images, shaped through time and space by the action of man and history: from the landscapes of the Man of Similaun to the proliferation of industrial plants, from the peaks of the Alps to the salty waters of the lagoon and the sea. This variety can give us a powerful idea of the long history of this area, the landscape of which tends to be more and more similar to the landscape of towns.

The volume is structured by themes and ages, with the addition of monographic insights. It is the first of four volumes which are meant to "write a new History of the ‘Venezie’". The project is unique in its kind for the variety of topics and approaches. It is meant as a benchmark for future research, and also as a valuable, innovative tool for consultation, especially for schools. Teachers and students consulting the volume will be able to gain more confidence and love towards the place they live in.


Introduction, by Giorgio Cracco
Atlas of the ‘Venezie’, edited by Mauro Varotto
- The illustrated landscape, edited by Carlo Tosco
- The landscape in art, edited by Carlo Tosco
- The landscape in literature, edited by Manlio Pastore Stocchi
The landscape in history
- From ancient times to the first millennium AD, edited by Gian Pietro Brogiolo and Giusto Traina
- Castles and towns in the territory of the ‘Venezie’, XI-XV centuries, edited by Andrea Castagnetti and Gian Maria Varanini
- Landscapes of the Ancient Regime, edited by Paola Lanaro, Elena Svalduz and Andrea Zannini
The landscape of modern times
- Between Ancient Regime and Modernization, edited by Walter Panciera
- From hidden factories to the industrial boom, edited by Giovanni Luigi Fontana and Andrea Leonardi
The landscape of tomorrow
- Scenarios for the development of the ‘Venezie’, edited by Giancarlo Corò and Paolo Gurisatti
- A landscape for sightseeing: the tourism of the future, edited by Mauro Pascolini
- "An immense heap of labor", edited by Stefano Munarin
Index of toponyms, edited by Franco Scarmoncin


Paesaggi delle Venezie. Storia ed economia, (Landscapes of the 'Venezie'. History and Economy), edited by Giorgio Cracco, Gian Pietro Brogiolo, Andrea Leonardi, Carlo Tosco - © Marsilio Editori, VE © Istituto per le ricerche di storia sociale e religiosa, VI - I ed. 2016 - 776 pages, 250 color illustrations - ISBN 978-88-317-2472-2 - (first volume of the series Storia delle Venezie, History of the 'Venezie')

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