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The book heritage

The Library owns almost fifteen thousand volumes on ancient, modern and contemporary history, the majority covering religious and social history. One section is dedicated to sources and studies of Veneto history. In addition to French, English and German texts, there is a section of publications in Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian.

— Consult the online catalog at the Veneto Regional Pole of the National Library Service. Go to the website
— Major works. The Library owns Italian and foreign repertoires, vocabularies, dictionaries, bullarii. See the list
— Thesaurus Ecclesiarum Italiae series (until the 17th century).  Look at the inventory
— Library of the Loschi-Zileri family,, cpreserved at the Villa now owned by the Motterle family. Look at the inventory
— Books and Proceedings published by the Foundation. Go to the page
— The Periodicals section includes 92 titles of specialized journals, both Italian and foreign. Catalog currently under reorganization


Historical Collections

The Historical Archive - not open to the public – consists of several Collections donated or given as a free loan to the Institute.

The SAVARDO ARCHIVE is the most important collection in terms of quantity and antiquity. It is made up of parchment documents dating back to as far as the 14th century: a total of about 3000 parchments, manuscripts, books of accounts, records, letters of both public and private interest from the 15th century onwards; and about 3000 printed volumes, from the 17th century onwards. It consists of several archives of families that played important roles in the public life of Vicenza and the Venetian Republic: the Savardo Collection (early19th century – 1960), the Monza Collection (1266-1817), the Porto-Barbaran Collection (19th century), the Gonzati Collection (20th century), the Trento Zuglian Collection (16th-17th centuries), the Capra Collection (1322-1835); the Mocenigo Collection (19th century). The Savardo Collection also includes a library of nearly 2000 volumes, from the 16th to 20th century.

The QUINTINO GLERIA ARCHIVE is made up of paper material about the birth and history of ACLI (Christian Associations of Italian Workers).

The MARIANO RUMOR ARCHIVE is part of the vast collection of book material and personal documents owned by Senator Mariano Rumor. It consists of 1300 volumes and paper material mainly related to the historical and political orbit of the Christian Democratic Party and the Catholic Movement in Italy.

Access and Services

Consultation of the library's heritage collections is free, on appointment by telephone or by mail. Please contact us.

Consultation requests can be submitted up to half an hour before closing time: volumes can be borrowed for 7 days. Interlibrary loans, both national and international, are provided for all collections, excluding rare or perishable publications.

Borrowers and users can photocopy all stored bibliographic material, in compliance with current laws (15% limit of any publication or journal in accordance with Law 248/2000). Materials liable to be damaged as a result of being photocopied are excluded.

We can provide help to users who wish to consult the National Library Service with a view to building a bibliography or searching for other libraries with material relevant to their study. Users can access the Internet with their own computer through the Foundation's wi-fi network. The law requires the use of the Internet to be recorded.

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