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Conferences and seminars

September 22, 2017, Vicenza, Palazzo Giustiniani Baggio - Seminar and Book presentation
Seminar: Vicenza and its welfare system from 1400 to 4.0 - Book presentation: “Hospitals and welfare policies in Vicenza in the XV century”, by Francesco Bianchi - Within the project "Tra Dono e Carità" (Between Giving and Compassion) by I.P.A.B Vicenza
Program "Tra Dono e Carità" (in Italian)

May 15, 2017, Padua, Palazzo Bo - Two study seminars
Forced migration in the Baltic area: the dawn of the Nation-State at the outskirts of Europe. - A road from the Baltic to the Mediterranean: the relations between Padua University and Lithuania in modern and contemporary time
Speakers and Programs

22-23 October 2015, Rome, Palazzo Corsini - International Conference
Ukraine between Western and Eastern Europe
Speakers and Program (in Italian)

June 13, 2014, Vicenza - Workshop
Landscapes of the "Venezie". Intersecting glimpses

June 12, 2014, Vicenza - Seminar
The future of the landscape of the "Venezie": endless warehouses?
Speakers and Program (in Italian)

October 12, 2013, Badia Polesine (Rovigo) - Conference
The Battle of the Castagnaro
Speakers and Program (in Italian)

Fondi Storici

15-17 April 2013, Vicenza. Monte Berico - 3rd International Conference
Holy Places and the sea
Speakers and Program 1 - Speakers and Program 2

November 30 - December 1, 2012, Vicenza - Conference
Between Piedmont and the "Venezie": a complex relationship
Speakers and Program (in Italian)

Vicenza, October 19, 2012 - Badia Polesine, October 20, 2012 - Conference
Theobald of Provins. A hermit between France and Italy in the age of Gregory VII
Speakers and Program (in Italian)

21-22 October 2011 - Conference
"Infected" cities of the sixteenth century: approach to the theme of religious dissent
Speakers and Program (in Italian)

April 16, 2011, Vicenza - International Workshop
The Versailles Peace Preparatory Materials (1919). The Rumanian case
Speakers and Program (in Italian)

March 25, 2011
On the Footsteps of a Master: Gabriele De Rosa

4-5 June 2010, Noventa Vicentina – 2nd Conference
The wheel of life. Abandoned children from the Middle Ages to our day. Two comparison countries: Italy and Ukraine

October 29-30, 2009, Venice, Cini Foundation - International Conference
Religion and Society in Central Eurasia: New Sources for the Religious History of Kazakhstan

Speakers and Program Day 1 - Speakers and Program Day 1 (in Italian)

16-18 October 2003, Vicenza - International conference
The great famine, hunger and land death in Ukraine in 1932-1933

April 11-13, Vicenza - International Conference
The age of Kiev and its legacy through its encounter with the West

21-22 September 2001, Split - International Conference
Catholic Church and Adriatic society. Sources and conclusions of research

5-7 April 2000, Vicenza - National conference
Mountain deforestation and territory policies. Alps and Apennines from the 18th to the 21th century

Fondi Storici

February 25, 2000, Verona - National conference
Institutions and instruments for local development

May 26-27 and October 13-15, 1999, Vicenza - International Conference
The paths of the Papacy from the Mediterranean to Medieval Europe in the diversity of spaces and of the cultural and religious heritage

24-25 September 1999, Vicenza - International conference
The "liberal spring" on the mainland Veneto 1848-1849

17-19 November 1994, Vicenza - International conference
Industrialization in European countries: a comparison of systems

December 15, 1990, Treviso - International Conference
"Submerged" faith in Eastern European countries

24-26 November 1989, Vicenza - National Conference (Part Two)
Veneto and Lombardy between the Jacobin Revolution and the Napoleonic Age. Ecclesiastical institutions. Religious culture and life

19-21 ottobre 1989, Vicenza
Veneto and Lombardy between the Jacobin Revolution and the Napoleonic Age. Economy, territory, institutions

6-8 October 1988, Gorizia - International conference
Karl Michael von Attems, First Archbishop of Gorizia (1752-1774) between the Roman Curia and the Habsburg State

15-17 January 1982, Vicenza - National Conference
Economic and social transformations in Veneto between the 19th and 20th centuries

24-25 September 1979, Maratea (PZ) - National conference
The parish in the contemporary age

March 17-19, 1978, Vicenza - National conference
Roadside shrines and religious society in Veneto

Meetings for school students and history buffs

Meetings open to the public are organized in Vicenza, with a view to providing new opportunities to reflect on history and past times, to better understand the present. In particular, we wish to increase the number and scope of our meetings for local school students, in order to make the principles of historical research and critical reflection more enticing for them. Projects in progress in Vicenza: "Meeting with History"; "History meets young people".

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