Research project

History of the "Venezie"

A new approach for a new era


Project in progress: 2012-today
Director: Giorgio Cracco
Scientific Coordinator: Francesco Bianchi
Presentation Brochure: download pdf (in Engish)

History of the "Venezie" offers a new way of writing history: allowing the wider public to get to know their history and the identity of their territory. A challenging project, run by a team of highly qualified professors and researchers.

The territory of the "Venezie" is a "macro-region", as currently defined, with solid structural elements that have always held it together. It is also characterized, however, by a variety of internal contrasts which are reflected on the landscape, population, cultural expressions and meanders of history.  The researchers’ task will be to identify and enhance all these elements with their words and images.

Work Plan

VOLUME 1 - Peoples: ethnography, populations, languages, religions, society

VOLUME 2 - Landscape: physical geography, historical landscape, representation of the territory, economy

VOLUME 3 - Historical events: government institutions - civil and ecclesiastical - and the great turning points of history, from the Old age to the 21st century

VOLUME 4 - Creativity: Literature, figurative arts, architecture, music, philosophical, theological and scientific thinking, spirituality

Goals achieved

PUBLICATION  - December 2016 - The first volume of the project: Paesaggi delle Venezie. Storia ed Economia, (Landscapes of the "Venezie". History and Economy), 50 authors, 776 pages, 250 color illustrations, in Italian. Published by Marsilio.
WORKSHOP - Vicenza, 13th June 2014 - "Landscapes of the Venezie. Intersecting glimpses"
CONFERENCE  - Vicenza, 12th June 2014 - "The future of the Venezie landscape: endless warehouses?""
CONFERENCE  - Vicenza, 30th November and 1st December 2012 - "Between Piedmont and the Venezie. A complex relationship."
CONFERENCE  - Vicenza, 20th & 21st October 2011 - "Infected cities of the 16th century. Approach to the theme of religious dissent."

Looking for the lost "Venetiae"

Giorgio Cracco: "Our project ambitiously embraces a period of more than two millennia, going back to the beginning of the Christian era and before. It explores the so-called "Venezie", a territory which – despite its name – does not coincide with the so-called North-East of Italy. In the 19th century this territory included a far wider area. This is how it was defined by a linguist from Gorizia, at the time of the nationalist movement: 'the entire North-Eastern Italy, from the mountains of Ortles and Adamello and from river Mincio to the Quarnaro Gulf'. This area was generally identified as the "Great Venezia", but it actually included three different "Venezia": Venezia Tridentina, Venezia Giulia and Venezia Euganea [...]."


« The true and first objective of this "altruistic" History
is to highlight the extent to which the "Venezie" have specifically contributed
to the history of the world over the centuries.»

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